Rooting the KORG Kronos

Disclaimer: The following file is provided without any warranties. Backup all your settings before using it - maybe you'll need to ...


Samstag, 13. Juni 2015

Rooting the KORG Kronos


The following file is provided without any warranties. Backup all your settings before using it - maybe you'll need to reinstall your Kronos. You might even break it beyond repair (unlikely). Whatever happens - you are responsible - I am not liable in any way. Everything you do, you do on your own risk!

After the update, you can login into your Kronos as "root" and look around. The update also installs a busybox for your convinience. Be careful and do not change anything or you will likely end up with a non-bootable system.

How to install:
  1. Make sure that your Kronos is updated to software version 3.0.2
  2. Copy the files in the archive on a USB drive - just like a real update
  3. Insert the USB drive into the Kronos and start the update process
  4. Wait until the update is reported as successful
  5. Power cycle the Kronos
How to access your Kronos:
  1. Connect a compatible USB network adapter (or use the mainboard's ethernet connector).
  2. Set a FTP password in the settings
  3. Make sure the network settings are correct and look up the IP address of your Kronos
  4. Use ssh/scp/putty/winscp/... to connect as user "root" with the passwort set in the network settings as FTP password
Have fun!

12 Kommentare:

  1. Have you received feedback if your rooting and hacks also work on the kronos 2 (2015) without danger?

    1. No, I haven't - however, I see no reason why the Kronos 2 should behave different. If you have a Kronos 2 and would like to try, please contact me via mail or G+.

  2. you can make one of this for korg pa600 ?

  3. does this work with later version firnware? (3.2.x)

    1. OK. Confirmed working in KRONOS88 (2011) model running 3.1.2. Funny how the KRONOS OS doesn't actually prevent attempts to install older firmware. (Most other kinds of devices prevent this sort of thing, though I guess this is more software-based than bare-metal burn-in to an EEPROM.)

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  5. Awesome Work!

  6. If I hack my krono classic I can get free paid sampler packages on it!

  7. Bro do you know to how to install os without the original CD but by using usb or any other alternative solution

  8. Thanks dear, but after installing your .zip archive, I just can't log in as root access in my kronos OS 3.0.2. ??? I only see standard ssd files. Probably doing something wrong.? my system: Mac os, Forklift app FTP support.
    Thank you !!! Happy New Year !!!