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Donnerstag, 3. September 2015

Installing EXs using '/sbin/InstallEXs' form the command line

Installing EXs files is not done by Eva (the userspace GUI) or OA (the kernel engine). Instead, Eva calls a helper binary: /sbin/InstallEXs If you have installed the extensions for ssh access to your Kronos, you can also run the helper directly. Use the following syntax:
/sbin/InstallEXs -m VFAT -t disk -f exins-file -p exs-directory
where disk is 0 for install on first SSD or 1 for install on second SSD exins-file is the name of the install info file (without path name) exs-directory is the directory where the EXs files are located
An example:
# /sbin/InstallEXs -m VFAT -t 0 -f EXs13.exsins -p /mnt/usbdisk0/EXs13/
InstallEXs will now count to 100 (this is the percentage shown in the GUI). After the installation is finished, there is debug info in /tmp/installer_debug.

5 Kommentare:

  1. do you have a working build system for kronos ?

  2. Or could you give me a hint where i do get a linux distro which can be used for compiling ?

    1. I have been using Linux From Scratch in a VM to build Kronos Software. I was thinking about releasing another upgrade file that contains some more standard linux environment (Bash / GCC / Python / ...).

      Maybe, I'll write a post about compiling software for the Kronos.

    2. I'm interested in building for kronos and especially debugging it. So I'd love to have a working gdb environment.

      Btw i patched the loadoa to output to /dev/tty2 instead of dev/null
      If you like :

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