Rooting the KORG Kronos

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Freitag, 29. Mai 2015

Why do you need to "authorize" your Synthesizer?

When you "authorize" your Kronos (for example after recovery), the authorization file actually contains the crypto keys necessary to access proprietary kernel modules, the actual synthesizer software and some "WaveMotion" data.

The keys are not there in plain, but encrypted with another key that is stored in the Kronos' security chip. The encryption key is probably different for each device so that one authorization file is only valid for one synth.

To access the security chip, you need a different key (see authorization and encryption in the AT88's datasheet) which is calculated from the Public ID and some magic numbers in the driver module.

So, when you "authorize" your Kronos, you get the crypto keys to access to the synthesizer software on it.

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