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Sonntag, 28. Februar 2016

Need help from experienced Kronos users

I am working on a way to increase the Kronos' performance (polyphony, simulatneous effects, boot time, etc.) significantly. To test the effectivity and reliability of my modifications, I need some test cases.

Ideally, you could provide me configuration examples that drive the Kronos into it's limits. The limitations (e.g. voice stealing, missing effects, etc.) should be easy to hear. I cannot rely on the Kronos' performance meters.

Please leave your examples in the comments or contact me via mail (

Sneak preview:


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  1. I am Leandro from argentina ...i am really interested on tweaking the kronos ! any help i can provide tell me ...

  2. yes , sorry i didn't see your answer until now!! I have kronos 2